New Paper! Generating quasicrystal optical potentials


Theodore A. Corcovilos


March 19, 2019

We recently published a paper about how we are generating the quasicrystal optical potentials for our ultracold atom experiment.

My student Jenna Mittal and I just had a paper published in Applied Optics on how we plan to generate our 2D quasicrystal potentials.1 I especially want to thank Jenna for building the prototype system and showing that this really works!

(Funny story: Jenna gave an invited talk on her work at our undergraduate research symposium last summer. She did a great job, but at the end someone asked her how long the project took. She answered, “about 20 minutes.” I face-palmed in the back of the room. Sure, it took 20 minutes to build… after weeks of thinking, planning, and calculations. The moral of the story is things work if you know what you’re doing!)

I’ll follow up soon to discuss what we’ve done. But for now, here are the links. (Click the arXiv link if you don’t have access to Applied Optics.)


  1. Corcovilos, Theodore A., Mittal, Jahnavee. Two-dimensional optical quasicrystal potentials for ultracold atom experiments. Applied Optics, 2019, Vol. 58(9), pp. 2256-2263. doi: 10.1364/AO.58.002256. arXiv: 1903.06610↩︎